December Meeting @ Steph’s

24 Oct

For our December book club, we’re back at my place! Except now we’re in #611, across the parking lot.

Anyhow, please join me for book club on Friday, December 9.  As discussed, we’ll be getting a little bit dirty with some Christmas erotica… so please pretend to read “A Delight before Christmas” by Angie Daniels.

Since the story is about a man dressed as Santa (or at least it starts that way, not sure where it goes from there), let’s have our very own Breakfast with Santa party.  Please bring your favorite breakfast foods to share for a veritable “brinner” celebration. Bonus points if it’s breakfast food AND related to Christmas (Ashley, I’m lookin’ at you…)

Here’s the plot summary for “A Delight before Christmas”:

“At the last minute Reginald Hodges is asked to play Santa at the clinic’s holiday party. Mistaking him for their resident pediatrician, Berlin hops onto his lap and gives him the hottest kiss of his life. From that moment onward, Berlin and Reginald are on a roller coaster ride of attraction and lust. The more they want each other, the hotter they get.”



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