September Recap

17 Sep

We seem to both rock and suck at book club, but it can only get better from here!  Another small turnout (Ashley, Laura, Mary and me, plus honorary guest Marty, who is testicle-free and thus allowed to attend) but we still had a blast. Mostly talking about Ashley & Chris’s wedding in Florida (surprise!) and less talking about the book.

Although I did actually read this one in its entirety and can assure you all that there are no bats, vampires, or (shudder) dragons. Instead, this was filled with bitches, beaches, and breakdowns… good times.  Book club was not nearly as emotional as the novel.

If you were not able to join us, there was INDEED penis pasta salad (thank you, Spencer’s, my last-minute Hail Mary pass…) and also tiny weiners in blankets and sausage/cheese rolls. Add to that a bucket of margaritas, the fixings for Dirty Shirleys and some colorful penis straws, and we had a dick-filled evening. Hooray.

So next month, we’re reading a “normal” book club book (The Help by Kathryn Stockett) and heading to Laura’s in West (insert Boston accent here) REVEAH. (That’s Revere.) And no, I don’t know her address yet. Laura?

Please sign up to bring some Southern comfort food (Hint: there are at least two recipes in the book that need to be made) to give Laura a chance to “plan” a menu. Here’s to another month of rocking/sucking at Book Club!


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