Recap & Reminders

31 Aug

So we’ve had our first meeting and now we’re totes legit! Woohoo!

Our first book club meeting included Katie, Alicia, Jo, and me (plus a special guest appearance by Kate, who stood in for Katie whenever needed). Aside from planning my Super Sweet Sixteen party, complete with a Ke$ha cat-fight, BCBG dress with removable skirt, and an Acura cake, we also talked about the book and drank some wine.

Unfortunately, the 50% of our attendants who *finished* the book didn’t care for it much. There’s a dragon and man-eating bats… which is where we apparently draw the line. Good to know.  So, sorry about my epic fail for a first book, but it did provide for many hillarious comments throughout the night.

On the menu were strawberries with a side of strawberries, watermelon, Shirley Temples, and pink fizzy alcoholic beverages (which we deemed a MUST for future meetings.) Then I made ravioli for dinner and we counted the sauce as an additional RED food. So there.

Much fun was had by all, just not during the actual reading of the book. We hope Ashley picked a book that’s less shitty 🙂

Moving on…

Here’s your reminder that our NEXT meeting is September 9 at Ashley’s place. We’re reading “It’s My Wedding Too” and having a bachelorette party theme.  I call dibs on Penis Pasta Salad. If you can, post what you intend to bring so we can have a more complete meal/snack array at this next book club.

With a little practice, I’m sure we’ll get the hang of this eventually…


Later, bitches 😉

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One response to “Recap & Reminders

  1. Katiiiiiiie

    August 31, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    I call pink fizzy beverages again (and again and again…).


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